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August 20th, 2007

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10:46 am - At last: a community center comes our way

An intertraditional, nonsectarian community center for pagans of all paths was the founding vision of Delaware Valley Pagan Network but it has never come within our reach. Now it has. Are the region's pagans ready to seize this opportunity?

A vast old textile factory in Kensington has recently been acquired by Phactory LLC. This corporation's principal is a dvpn-discuss subscriber. Phactory wants to convert this 100,000-sq.-ft. building into a home for dozens of nonprofits sympathetic to ours.

Vacant since 1995, this five-story building commands a dramatic view of  the city's skyline. It is in good structural shape but requires huge amounts of cleanup, repair and refurbishing. That's our entrée!  Simple sweat equity could earn area pagans a dedicated space for performances, meetings and office work for many years.



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